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Product Review: Baby Trend Expedition LX Jogger

This review was originally posted 06/24/08.

Product Reviewed:

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger



Product Can Be Purchased At:

Target (there is a version of this stroller made for Babies R Us as well)

Product Promises:

  • Lightweight sturdy construction
  • 16 inch rear and 12 inch front all terrain bicycle tires on light weight wheels
  • Extra wide open wheel base offers exceptional stability
  • Locking front swivel wheel for easier low-speed strolling
  • Quick release wheel system
  • Extra wide, ergonomically shaped foam padded handle
  • Large storage basket with rear access
  • Includes infant car seat adapter child tray with two cup holders
  • Includes parent tray with covered cell phone storage and two cup holders
  • Effortless trigger fold easily reduces stroller to a compact unit
  • Retractable shade canopy with covered window to protect from sun and wind
  • Reflectors provide greater low-light visibility
  • Multi-position, reclining, padded seat
  • Constructed of super-durable luggage grade fabrics

Product Review:

Why I bought a jogger?

I am looking to get more physically fit and wanted to start walking/jogging at local parks. My daughter’s standard light weight stroller just wasn’t able to handle the rough terrain at the park. There are paved walking/jogging trails, but they are uneven and I felt like she was being jarred all over the place. I decided that a jogger would help combat this.

Why the Baby Trend Expedition LX?

It took me a while to make a decision when it came to purchasing a jogger. Since I am just starting to get back in shape, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a top of the line jogger… also, it’s sorta hard to justify spending a ton of money when my daughter already has an umbrella type stroller and a light weight standard stroller. So, price was definitely one of the reasons I selected the Baby Trend Expedition LX, but not the only reason. There are quite a few joggers right around the $100 mark so, deciding which one was hard.

Here are some other reasons that I picked the Baby Trend Expedition LX:

  • Large adjustable canopy shade
  • Removable tray
  • Easy to fold
  • Swivel front wheel
  • Fairly lightweight for a jogger
  • Large weight range so we can use it a while
  • Gender neutral colors
  • Lots of cup holders and covered tray for keys/cell phone

Does it deliver on it’s product promises?

It is lightweight for a jogger (but it is definitely heavy in comparison to a standard stroller). I am not bothered by the weight, it’s fine. I like the large wheels and wide wheel base. There were other strollers that we tried out that I honestly thought were going to tip over if I took my hand off the handle, but this is not one of them… when it’s locked in place, I feel very comfortable with it’s stability. I love the fact that it has a locking front wheel that swivels. Sometimes we have to use this stroller when we run into a store and it is great to have the swivel wheel and be able to do so.

Also, the stroller is compact enough that you can get around in a store with it, something you would not expect to be able to do with a jogger. Also, when the front wheel is locked into place and the stroller is used as a true jogger, it is very stable. The handle is padded and a good substantial padded handle which i have found perfect for jogging. My husband likes the height of it as well… he is 6’1″ and usually kicks the wheels on our other strollers, not the case on this one due to the handle and wide wheel base.

The front wheel has an easy release mechanism, which although I do not use it, I can see this coming in handy if you have a standard size trunk. I drive a crossover, so I have a large rear cargo area, so I just fold and go. As for the “effortless” folding… it is pretty easy to fold, once you get the hang of it and make sure you have the seat reclined, I didn’t realize that the seat needed the be reclined all the way down the first time I folded it, so I did battle with it until I figured this out… once I read the instructions and figured out what I was doing wrong, it has been a piece of cake.

I love all the cup holders, covered storage compartment and the basket underneath… you have room for snacks, bubbles, keys and whatever else you want to take on your park stroll. The tray is removable and comes in handy for snacks and drinks. The adjustable shade is large, but I do still use a Rayshade. The materials are nice and seem to be more durable than other brands that I compared in the same price range and there are reflectors for visibility. You can place an infant car seat on the stroller, but I have not used this function since my daughter is 17 months old.

Is the product a good value and would I recommend it?

You bet! I really am impressed with this Baby Trend Expedition LX. I did not have high expectations for a jogger that was only $99, but have been pleasantly surprised. My daughter loves the jogger and tries to climb into it before I am even ready. She is very content having her snack and letting me jog/walk… which is a pretty big accomplishment considering she is at the age where she has no patience. She likes the smooth ride. Also, I like the fact that this jogger has a fairly large and will accommodate my daughter for several years (right now she looks tiny in it and she is a fairly tall girl). I would definitely recommend the Baby Trend Expedition LX to someone who is looking for an entry level jogger.