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Product Review: FUNKY KIDZ™ Funkified Classic Hits For Children And Adults

This review was originally posted on 04/15/09.

Product Reviewed: FUNKY KIDZ™ Funkified Classic Hits For Children And Adults, Featuring New Orleans Finest

Product Availability:, FUNKY KIDZ™ site, iTunes

Price: ranges from around $8.99 for download to $16.98 on Amazon

Product Description:

“FUNKY KIDZ™ is about family. This 12 track musical compilation is meant to be a conduit between adults and children, providing listeners of all ages with fun-filled, singable, and danceable tunes. Each artist has crafted a unique rendition of favorite childhood classics.”

“Each song features layers of rich instrumentation, fronted by accessible, clear vocals catered to both the sophisticated ear and the newly exposed listener. Songs are concise, emphasize proper repetition and tracks emulate the ebb and flow of a child’s day…”

What the PPP Family Thinks?

When I was offered the opportunity to try out an review the FUNKY KIDZ™ album, I was all over it. As you know from most of my daily rants here on PPP we are pretty big readers, but you might be surprised to find out that we are probably an even bigger music family. Music moves us and we love to dance, sing, laugh and act silly as part of our daily routine… my daughter will make song request, actually she demands them… she’s pretty bossy at 2 and of course has a list of favorite songs for mommy and daddy to sing.

We have always tried to expose our daughter to a variety of music. Since she has been exposed to virtually every genre since before she was even born she loves just about anything, but like any 2 year old tends to gravitate towards the nursery rhyme type songs that she recognizes from play groups, etc. Also since she’s 2, we find that we often have to listen to to a particular song or album about 20 times in a row… so we better make sure we like it before we pop it in the CD player. Because of this repetition daddy and I are always on the lookout for some nice compromises… like FUNKY KIDZ™!

When I the FUNKY KIDZ™ arrived we were on the way out, so I popped it straight in the car CD player while we were running errands. We were busy and chatting about my husband’s day, talking to my daughter and listening to the music and then my husband said something like, “This is a kids CD? It’s good!” He was right… this was good.

I am from the south, Chattanooga to exact, now living a little further north (laughable… still in TN) and I am used to spending lots of summer evenings down along the river walking and listening to bands play great blues and jazz music… this is what I thought of while listening to this album. You actually have to sorta listen to the lyrics to remember that this is a family album, I think calling it a “kids” album sells it a little short. This album features New Orleans finest… so you can see why listening to this album sparked those river walk memories for me.

Another awesome thing that I love about this album is the fact that it’s full of kid friendly music that takes me back to my childhood, but aren’t really the top songs you here on the kids albums out there today. Some of my favorites are “Yellow Submarine”, “Zip A Dee Doo Dah” and “If I Only Had A Brain.”

So we are just tickled to have something fun and funky to add to our rotation of family songs. We are glad to be able to expose our daughter to new music, new songs and be able to tolerate the repetition of a toddler needing to listen to the same song over and over!

If you are looking for something outside the box, a different take, something a step beyond your average kids album, something the whole family can enjoy, then you should definitely check out FUNKY KIDZ™!