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PPP Picks: American Girl's 2013 Girl Of The Year Saige Copeland

Update 10.28.13… guess who is getting Saige for Christmas this year? Saige was the number 1 thing on the gal’s Christmas Wish List and there was no talking her out of it! 🙂 She’s a beautiful doll and the movie was really cute, so can’t wait until Christmas.

2013 American Girl Girl Of The Year Has Arrived


It’s official, the new American Girl Girl of the Year doll has been released and her name is Saige Copeland™.

Here’s a tad bit about Saige from the American Girl website…

‘Saige Copeland™ loves the arts and her horses. But when both of her passions are threatened, she turns to her creative side. With imaginative solutions, she proves that one girl can make a difference.’

Saige apparently loves horse and art and her story is about how she helps to turn her passions into actions.  I think she is so pretty with her auburn hair, turquoise eyes and freckles. I am really looking forward to seeing Saige here in person in just a bit (we have a big trip to the Atlanta American Girl Doll store planned for a 6th birthday surprise for my gal).


As part of the launch of the 2013 Girl of the Year, American Girl is hosting a ‘Soar with Sage’ sweepstakes and if your gal is between the ages of 8 and 13, they can create a hot air balloon design and be entered to win one of 10 prize packages worth more than $260, including a Saige 18″ doll and her hot air balloon. You can find the template for entry and all the details about the promotion on the sweepstakes page.

Shhhh…. It’s A Surprise!

My daughter is just now getting to the age where she has asked for a ‘big girl’ American Girl doll. She has an American Girl Bitty Baby that she absolutely adores. Her name is Elizabeth and she has loved her more than any other baby she has owned.


One day a few months ago though my gal noticed the 2012 Girl of the Year, McKenna, in our American girl catalog. McKenna is a gymnist and my gal takes gymnastics. Toss in the fact that my daughter and McKenna have the same eye color and hair and it was pretty much love at first site.

Well, mommy, being new to this whole American Girl thing, didn’t realize that the Girl of the Year is only available for one year or while supplies last. So, when my daughter discovered McKenna… she was already on backorder. We went ahead and ordered her, but didn’t tell the gal. My daughter’s b-day is literally days after Christmas, so I was keeping my fingers crossed that she came in.  We told her she might get her for her birthday and probably not Christmas and that we would put it on the list, just in case she didn’t come in. We also told her that there was a big chance we might not be able to find her, explained the whole Girl of the Year thing, etc.

So, long story short, the doll and the other items we ordered came in. They actually arrived a little early. McKenna is even prettier in person than she looks in the catalog. My daughter doesn’t have a clue!! I feel like I am sitting on the biggest secret.

We told her we would take her to the American Girl sometime around her birthday or next time we were able to make it to Atlanta.  We have told her we would look to see if they might have any McKenna dolls left. We told her if not, that we would just get one of the ones that you can order to look like you, the My American Girl dolls or get one similar. She really doesn’t have a clue!!

I will share more about the big surprise later once her birthday arrives and once we surprise her and take our trip to the American Girl store. All of that of course will be when I find a stolen moment to blog… which is tricky these days! We start back to homeschool this week and I know the adjustment is going to kick our booty! We have become super lazy during our holiday break. It was so worth it though, I have loved every second of sleep and laziness!

Hope everyone is having a great new year and wishing you all the best in 2013!


Disclosure: Penny Pinching Parent is not affiliated with American Girl and this is not a paid or sponsored post. Just wanted to share about the new Girl of the Year and our exciting surprise for our gal. 2012 was rough on our gal… so we are pretty excited to kick off the new year with a fun surprise!