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Learning Fun: Fact Families Activities & Games Round-Up


Can You Tell What We Are Learning?

Last week or so I shared those super cute printable number lines and this week I have some more Math related links that I thought I would pass along… can’t tell what we are learning or working on at our house huh?!? Right now we are focused on learning addition, subtraction, graphing, time… all those basic Math must-know items.

It’s really fun to see a child learn and grow. I think it’s especially neat when they have fun learning or you see there is a certain way they like to learn or if there is a certain subject or lesson they seem to really enjoy.

Today in school my gal started learning about ‘fact families’ in Math. She seemed to really like working with and figuring out ‘fact families,’ so I thought I would round-up a few activities and online games to have ready for learning.

Thanks to the power of the internet, there are some really great free resources out there and I thought I would share what I rounded-up. Most of these links state they are for 1st and 2nd grade, but I think they are probably okay for Kindergarten if you are already working on addition and math up to 30 like we are.

My gal is in Kindergarten and they just started working on ‘fact families’ today and since she liked them I thought it would be fun to explore more learning opportunities. I think honestly that helping her to learn ‘fact families’ will help her as she moves towards 1st grade in the Fall simply because knowing ‘fact families’ allows for quicker computation in the long run. 🙂

Online Fact Families Addition & Subtraction Games:

You can pick the fact families that you want to practice on all of these games.

Printable Fact Families Addition & Subtraction Activities:

More Places To Look…

If you are looking for some more great resources you can find a ton of incredible items on the site. There are lots of free items on the TPT site, but most of the ones for ‘fact families’ do cost to download, but they are made by teachers, used in classrooms and very helpful for non-educators like myself.