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PPP Pick: Spring Into Spring Cleaning With New Swiffer With Gain Scent Products


Spring Has Finally Sprung & It’s Time For Spring Cleaning!

Are you finally getting a little bit of warmer weather where you are? We are! It looks like Spring has finally sprung where we live. The longer days and warmer weather have got me into ‘Spring cleaning’ mode recently and I cannot wait to clean our home from top to bottom and hopefully declutter along the way!

We live in a home that is about 25 years old and even though we have worked hard to make lots of updates including paint, flooring, keep our filters changed, vacuum regularly, but it I still have to battle dust. I think part of the problem is that our furniture is dark and I notice it more, but needless to say… a Swiffer duster is my cleaning partner in crime. I LOVE Swiffer dusters and keep one handy pretty much all the time so I can do a quick dust when I walk by something! I also love the fact that since it’s just a duster and now that I am past having to worry about a toddler eating everything… my Kindergartner can even help me when she wants.

Spring Into Spring cleaning With New Swiffer With Gain Scent. 

You know how when you clean and you have that fresh smell how it can sort of lift your mood? I love that. I like for things to smell clean, not overwhelming, but clean. Now, my favorite Swiffer products can give me that sort of lift when I am cleaning. This Spring Swiffer has launched new line of their best cleaning products now with the scent of Gain. So, I can get that little mood lift of a clean smell even when I am just quickly spot dusting.

Penny Pinching Parent was sent samples of the new products and I am just as big of fan of the new items as I was of the original ones. I was a little worried that the scent of Gain would be too strong…but for me, it’s not. I find it to actually be fairly subtle and it doesn’t really leave a scent behind, but just sort of freshens and gives your that sort of cleaning lift that I mentioned earlier because things smell fresh.

You will find the deep cleaning power of Swiffer and the joyful scent of Gain in the following new line of items…

Sure to lift your spirits while you clean, the new line includes:

  • Swiffer Dry Cloths with Gain scent
  • Swiffer Wet Cloths with Gain scent
  • Swiffer 180° Dusters with Gain scent
  • Swiffer WetJet Solution with Gain scent

Save With Swiffer Coupons & Promotions:

I wouldn’t be a ‘penny pinching parent’ if I didn’t mention the money-saving coupons that you can find on Swiffer’s site.

Right now it looks like they have the following coupons & special promotions that you can print:

  • UP TO A $5 COUPON ON SWIFFER SWEEPER- Buy a Sweeper Starter Kit and get a free refill (up to $5.00).
  • UP TO A $7 COUPON ON SWIFFER WETJET- Buy a WetJet Starter Kit and get a free WetJet Refill (up to $7.00).
  • $1 COUPON- On any one Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit
  • $5 COUPON- On any one Swiffer SweeperVac® Starter Kit
  • $1 COUPON- On any one Swiffer Dust and Shine Furniture Spray

All of these coupons and offers are what I currently found available and printable at

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