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GreetingsFrom TN

Krystal, Part Of A Southern Gal’s Roots

I am Southern gal. Tennessee gal to be more specific. I was born in and have lived in Tennessee all my life. While that may sound extremely boring to some people, I love it. I currently reside in East Tennessee and lived a little more than half of my life in Chattanooga.

The part of the country I live in is absolutely gorgeous with all of it’s lush mountains, rivers and lakes and it’s an area steeped in tradition and history.  I love the fact that I live in an area where we have the luxury of having shopping, schools and dining close by, but that there is the Southern charm of people remembering what I like to order when I go shopping at the deli or that the drugstore cashier comments on how much my gal has grown over the last 6 years.

We have lots of really cool small locally owned businesses, but we also get to lay claim to being the original home to some of the most recognized brands in the country, sometimes the world. We were home to the first Coca-Cola bottler, home to Moon Pie, home to Little Debbie and we were the first home to Krystal.

I don’t think there is a person who has lived in the South that doesn’t know Krystal. I have a ton of memories revolving around those small square burgers. I can recall eating Krystal as a kid, seeing Krystal sponsored signs at pretty much every major athletic event I have ever attended. I can recall skipping lunch in high school so I could save my money to meet friends at the Krystal after school and there were lots late night Krystal runs in college.

Now that I have a family, Krystal is at least one place my my super picky gal will eat when we are traveling. Granted she will only eat a plain pup or corn dog, but it makes it so much easier when we are traveling to smaller areas where sometimes the only fast food place is a Krystal. Sooner or later I will share with her my favorite, the Krystal Chik.

I think it’s fair to say that Krystal is part of this Southern gal’s roots.

KrystalShare My Roots & Satisfy Your Craving With A $50 Krystal Gift Card Giveaway

krystal-burgerWhether you are a die-hard Krystal fan or maybe just moved to the South and never had a Krystal, you can satisfy your Krystal Craving” with our latest giveaway!

Thanks to Krystal, we have a $50 Krystal gift card to giveaway to a lucky PPP reader. $50! That’s seriously a whole lot of hot and square burgers! You could take the whole family out and even top it off with one of their new Nutter Butter Milkquakes or a Freeze and probably have some leftover!

How To Enter:

All you have to do to enter is complete the Rafflecopter giveaway form below to be entered to win.  Just a note: If you are viewing this via your feed reader, you will need to click through to enter.

This giveaway starts today, July 1st, 2013 and will run until July 9th at 12 PM (eastern). Please see the Rafflecopter form for fine print, giveaway details, etc.




Disclosure: PennyPinchingParent was sent some pretty nifty Krystal swag, which my kiddo immediately laid claim to. Have you ever seen a Krystal trucker hat on a 6 year old gal? Pretty cute I tell you. She’s been sipping her coconut water out of a Krystal coozie!  What a nut my gal is! Even though we were sent some fun stuff, any opinions and thoughts expressed here are solely my own. Also, Krystal is also providing the gift card for the giveaway winner. For more information on PPP’s efforts to fully disclose and keep readers in the know, please visit PPP’s Terms of Use page.