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Kids Gear Deals: Brita Bottle™ for Kids For Under $1 (YMMV)


Brita Bottle™ for Kids For Under $1 (YMMV)

This past week I went to purchase a kids Brita Bottle™ for my gal. We have the grown-up version and it was great to have while we were traveling, so I wanted to see about a smaller kid friendly version, especially since I had clipped this $3 off Brita Bottle for Kids coupon from before we left for our trip.

I was please to find that the bottles were marked down to $3.98 at my local Target, so I was able to snag a bottle that’s normally $7-8 for just $.98! What an incredible deal!

The coupon is currently still available on or you can print it from PPP’s Savings Center and never have to leave our site!! 🙂 If you follow the link the coupon shop clip for you and pop-up as your first coupon, so you don’t have to look around.

Your mileage will obviously vary on this deal because not all Target’s mark down the exact same merchandise, but if you are headed out to Target… it’s worth taking the coupon with you, it expires July 31, 2013.

Hope you are able to find this deal where you are!