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Kids' Play Picks: American Girl Bitty Baby's® All-New World


Our Love Of Bitty Baby…

As you probably already know by now, we are BIG American Girl fans at our house. Our love of American Girl started when my gal was given a Bitty Baby as a gift. Every since then, there has pretty much been an American Girl doll participating in my gal’s daily play.

We have baby doll after baby dolls that just sit on the shelf or in the baby doll bed. There is just something about little girls, people always seem to want to give little girls a doll… so we have quite the doll collection. There has not been a baby doll (not including the gal’s big gal American Girl doll) that the girl has taken to like Bitty. None have even come close. It was absolutely love at first site for my gal when it came to Bitty and still, even a few years later, my daughter still brings Bitty along with her 18″ American Girl doll. They are all sisters and have quite the adventures together.

Bitty does have a real name too, but I do not know the last time anyone around our house has called her that… we pretty much all just call her Bitty! It suits her.



A Whole New World Of Fun For Bitty Baby

American Girl has recently launched a whole new world of fun for Bitty Baby. There are all new hardcover Bitty Baby picture books, nursery furniture and new accessories. Our family is so tickled to see all the new things for Bitty because we think she is a very special baby.


We picked-up one of the new Bitty Baby Picture Books, Bitty Baby at the Ballet today and the gal has read it twice already… on her own, so proud of my budding reader!!!

The Bitty Baby at the Ballet story was a really sweet little story and since my gal takes ballet, she dressed-up and dressed Bitty and her other American Girl doll in their finest ballet attire before reading the story.

I love that new stories give the gal a new way to connect with a doll that is already so very special to her heart and I look forward to surprising her with some new items for Bitty this Christmas and on her birthday.

If you are looking for a very special doll for your little gal or maybe you already have a Bitty Baby, you will want to be sure to check out the new items for Bitty.


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