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Kid’s & Family: Our DIY Girl’s Poodle Skirt


Our Last Minute Girl’s DIY Girl’s Poodle Skirt

This past week our gal celebrated the 50th day of school. It was just the 1st grade classes that celebrated and the gal’s school used it as an opportunity to not only have fun and dress-up and play games, but to sneak in some learning as well.

Students were encourages to dress in 50’s attire. Suggestions were jeans rolled-up, poodle skirts, etc. Since my gal is not a jeans (or any sort of pants other than leggings) kind of gal, I knew I would need to whip something up. Luckily I had some felt on-hand and the internet at my fingertips, so making a cute poodle skirt was a breeze.

Since the skirt was so easy to make and since Halloween is just a few days away, I thought I would share the links that I used for inspiration and instruction on how to make a circle poodle skirt.

How To Make A Circle Skirt

I used the Circle Skirt tutorial from over at MADE to make the skirt. I pretty much followed the directions to a tee and everything turned out great. My daughter is 6 1/2 and I used about 1 1/2 yards of pink felt to construct the skirt and have quite a nice scrap left over. I used 1 1/2 black elastic instead of the 2 inch that is suggested in the tutorial.

The tutorial is fantastic and very easy to follow. My only tip that I sort of learned along the way is that if you are using a heavy fabric like felt… make sure your waist band measurement leans more towards the snug side than loose. The felt was heavy and pulled the skirt down. I made the skirt exactly to measure, but wound-up going back and taking the waistband off and cutting it down a bit. The gal was going to be active at school and I didn’t want her tugging at her skirt all day.

Turning The Circle Skirt Into A Poodle Skirt

In order to make it a poodle skirt you of course need a poodle!! I did the poodle and leash before I actually put the waist band on the skirt because I wanted a clean finish for the poodle’s leash at the top of the skirt. I used this poodle template from ObSEUSSed and then added embellishments. I wanted the poodle to have dimension so I added felt circles in the shape of the feet and tail on top of the poodle, as well as an ear and then sewed the whole thing to the skirt. I also added a pearl collar with a button tag and a little bow around the tail. I really did not have plans, I just sort of went with what was in my sewing stash and I think it turned out pretty cute to be so clueless as to what I wanted to do!


(As you all know by now, I don’t show the gal’s face in pictures online, but check out what you can see of her smile! All of those missing teeth, she has lost 3 this month!)

Finishing The Look

We used only things we already owned for the rest of the 50’s look…

  • A faux strand of pearls from my jewelry box
  • A peter pan collar uniform shirt that we had from last year
  • A white cardigan from the gal’s closet
  • An scarf that I had to tie around an elastic for a pony tail
  • Pink mary jane shoes (I opted not to buy 50’s style saddle oxfords… I am a “penny pincher” after all and this skirt was for a 1-day celebration. Plus, after having a kiddo who broke her arm on the 3rd day of school… making sure shoes are super safe is a huge priority for me. The gal’s shoes have to be tennis shoes or play shoes and that’s that for now. :))
  • Black leggings under the skirt simply because the high was in the 40’s on the day they celebrated. We always wear bike shorts or playground pants under dresses and skirts, but the cold made leggings necessary.

A Rocking Good Time

My daughter is in 1st grade and when she brought home the flyer about 50’s day she didn’t have a clue what the 50’s were or why she should wear a skirt with a poodle on it. I used it as a fun teaching opportunity and we talked about decades. We talked about what a decade is and how usually there is a fashion style associated with each decade.

Of course fashion is not the only thing associated with a decades…there’s the music. We took the opportunity to rock out to a little 50’s music the morning of 50’s day. The poodle skirt is beyond twirly, so the gal had a great time twirling and dancing around before school… she said she liked dressing up like the 50’s if it mean she got to dance and party!!

If you are looking for a fun playlist of 50’s music to get you in the mood, this is the playlist we listened to while dancing and eating breakfast…

A New Dress-Up Item

The gal is slowly growing past the wanting to dress-up for pretend play stage (sniff), but for now I have added the poodle skirt to her dress-up wardrobe. Every now and then she will dress-up with friends when they come over, but sadly this stage is passing us by. Who knows though, you never know when you will need a poodle skirt again or when a friend will, so we will hang on to it… just in case.