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PPP Review: Papa Murphy's New Fresh Pan Pizza


Our Family’s Pizza Picky-ness

My gal just turned 7 and only within the last year did she start eating pizza. Some kiddos it seems are born loving pizza, but for my gal it has been more of an acquired taste. It may sound strange that I was glad when she finally started being able to tolerate pizza, but it makes things like birthday parties, traveling and movie nights a tad easier now that we all can eat pizza. I often find myself cooking multiple things for all my picky eaters, but on movie night it’s so nice to just be able to make a pizza and relax.

You might have noticed I said make a pizza. My gal’s new found tolerance for pizza is funny. For her, it’s all about the crust. She’s a typical kiddo and really prefers cheese or pepperoni, but there are certain crusts she just doesn’t care for and won’t eat.

We have tried several pizza places, but she really prefers a homemade pizza or one that is baked at home. Sometimes we make one with all our own toppings, but sometimes this busy parent really savors the ability to pick one up. With such  picky pals in my family though, that can be tough.

That’s where Papa Murphy’s comes in! It’s so nice to have our very own Papa Murphy’s just down the road. All we have to do is hop online, pick out what everyone wants, add some salad, set the pick-up time and pick it up and bake it when we are ready. We get yummy homemade, fresh-baked pizza, but someone else does all the prep work for us. It gives everyone what they want, saves this mama time and I don’t feel like I am sacrificing feeling my family an oven cooked meal.

PapaMurphysFreshPanPapa Murphy’s NEW Fresh Pan Pizza Is A Must Try For Serious Pizza Lovers

Up until now, Papa Murphy’s has offered their Signature, which are pizzas with a traditional crust, the delite®, a crispy thin crust pizza and the Stuffed™, which is a stuffed, braided two-layer pizza. All deliciously wonderful options, but someone’s been left out up until now… the deep dish fans!

Just a few days ago Papa Murphy’s added a new crust option to their line-up of take and bake pizza options, the Fresh Pan Pizza. If you or your family are serious about pizza… this is the pizza for you! The crust is thick and buttery and bakes up crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The perfect deep dish pizza, but fresh baked at home!

The PPP Family Tried The New Fresh Pan Pizza…

As a member of MomSelect, our family was recently given the opportunity to try out the brand-new Fresh Pan Pizza from Papa Murphy’s and I wanted to share a few of our thoughts on this great new offering with my fellow pizza loving families.

PPPMiniMurphSince our gal is picky about pizza, we knew this would be a pizza night where mommy and daddy ruled the toppings picks. Don’t worry about the gal though, we ordered her a Mini Murph Pepperoni™, which if you haven’t tried this for your kiddos yet… you should! We think it is such an incredible value at just $3.50! Your child gets their own crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni and they get to make their own pizza, which in turn a grown-up just pops in the oven at 450. Not only does she love this pizza, but it’s so, so much fun for a kiddo her age to make their own. Seems like kiddos eat better when they get a part in making it right?? That is the only way our gal will eat tacos.

I digress, sorry about that, easy to do sometimes… cute kid, making a cute little pizza…back to the new Fresh Pan pizza. We ordered chicken, artichokes, mushrooms and the garlic sauce. Once the gal was done making hers, we popped both the pizzas in the oven and in about 14-16 minuets, our whole family had pizzas to their liking.  We we chowed down on Caesar salad (also from Papa Murphy’s) and our fresh baked, delicious pizza.

I just don’t know that you could ask for a better way for our picky family to have pizza! Both the gal’s pizza and our grown-up pizza were wonderful and to be honest, my hubby and I are more thin-crust, hand tossed kind of people, so I was surprised!

Overall Thoughts?


If you like a thicker crust/deep-dish pizza, maybe even if you don’t, you should try the new Fresh Pan Pizza from Papa Murphy’s. There is a buttery flavor to the crust, but it’s not greasy like some deep-dish pizzas. It has a fresh-baked flavor and texture to it. Overall we really enjoyed the new Fresh Pan Pizza and I liked it so much I ate leftovers the next day.

The only thing that I didn’t love about the new Papa Murphy’s Fresh Pan Pizza was the pan… it did wobble a tad, but the new Fresh Pan Pizza is a dense pizza, which I am not used to carrying and baking at home. It’s not anything that would stop us from adding the Fresh Pan to our rotation, just something to be mindful if you arms are full of little ones… you need two hands to handle all that crust!

Pan aside… and that’s mostly just because we weren’t used to it, we really enjoyed the new Fresh Pan Pizza and a big fans of Papa Murphy’s. Thanks to both MomSelect and Papa Murphy’s for this YUMMO review opportunity!!

Disclosure: This post is part of a promotional program with Papa Murphy’s and MomSelect. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely our own.