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Kids & Family Movies: Relativitiy’s Earth To Echo In Theaters July 2nd


Take Us To The Movies

One of our family’s fun favorite things to do is watch movies. We have ‘Family Movie Night’ just about every Friday night, which features a kid-picked movie and mom’s homemade popcorn. We also enjoy watching movies in the theater and if it’s a kid-friendly film you can pretty much bet that we will see it…movies are the perfect rainy or cold day activity for us.

Since we do go to quite a few movies we participate in in the Regal Crown Club Rewards Program. We earn free tickets, popcorn and every now and then we get invited to see a screening of a movie since we are reward program members.

This past week we were able to attend a screening of Relativity’s Earth to Echo, which will be coming out in theaters on July 2nd. Here’s a little bit about the movie from the Earth to Echo site


Relativity’s PG summer family adventure movie, Tuck, Munch and Alex are a trio of inseparable friends whose lives are about to change.Their neighborhood is being destroyed by a highway construction project that is forcing their families to move away. But just two days before they must part ways, the boys begin receiving a strange series of signals on their phones.

Convinced something bigger is going on, they team up with another school friend, Emma, and set out to look for the source of their phone signals. What they discover is something beyond their wildest imaginations: a small alien who has become stranded on Earth. In need of their help, the four friends come together to protect the alien and help him find his way home. This journey, full of wonder and adventure, is their story, and their secret

Earth to Echo was on our gal’s ‘bucket list’ of things she wanted to do this Summer, so getting to watch it in the theater even before it comes out was a really big deal…. earned me some cool points for signing-up for the screening. Since out gal is just 7, this was one of her first (if not the first) theater movies that was not an animated film. I wasn’t sure if it would hold her attention, but it did. It’s a story line that’s easy enough for kids to follow, but interesting enough that we grown-ups stayed entertained as well.

Since the movie is not out yet, I won’t spoil it and give away any details, but we really did enjoy the movie. Without giving away any details, I can say that as a parent, I especially enjoyed how the characters achieve big things by being who they are (the kids didn’t try to be ‘cooler’), by being creative and by being brave. There is also a strong message of friendship and sticking together. The entire theater laughed at certain points throughout the film, seemed to collectively be rooting for the characters and clapped at the end.

If you are looking for a ‘family-friendly’ film to enjoy in a cool theater on a hot day, Earth to Echo offers a positive theme, features a talented group of young actors and offers something that the whole family can enjoy.

Here’s A Look At The Earth To Echo Preview…


You can find out more about Earth to Echo at


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