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Kids & Family Movies: Cinderella Dances Into The Ball


Rain, rain go away…

It’s a rainy and cold afternoon where we live. Gloomy with a capital G! Plus, we just got back from traveling on a long spring break vacation and we are all sort of worn out. We asked the gal what she wanted to do today since my husband has to return to work tomorrow and she said the library and the movies. What great ways to spend a cold, dreary afternoon!!

Fortunately for us, Cinderella just came out last week so we knew exactly what we wanted to see this afternoon. I know part of the reason the gal wanted to see it was because of the ‘Frozen Fever’ short that you can only see with Cinderella, but both she and I are fans of Cinderella’s story… Cinderella is one of the few books from childhood that I still have and passed down to my kiddo. I also have really fond memories of watching snippets of the original Cinderella on the movie player at my childhood dentist office….I am not a fan of the dentist, but Cinderella made it so much more bearable.

CinderellaBookA Wonderful Interpretation Of A Disney Classic!

You never quite know what you expect when a film you have grown-up knowing is remade. Sometimes the new adaptation is not quite as quite or way too different. Sometimes you wind-up falling in love with the new film and sometimes the film doesn’t really do anything for you. It’s hit or miss sometimes.

This sometime I am absolutely ticked to say that I love the new live action Cinderella! Our whole family did. We all walked out of the theater and instantly started singing the praises of the film. The movie stays fairly true to the story that many of us grew-up loving, but brings it to life. It is a wonderful interpretation of a long-loved classic.

I don’t want to share too much and spoil the film for any of you, but I feel like it’s a ‘must see’ for anyone who enjoys the Cinderella story. The characters are so engaging, especially Cinderella and the prince… they both are just so enchanting, for lack of a better word. Oh and the dress!!! That dress! I know there was some debate early on about how small Cinderella’s waist looks in the dress, but when you see it in the movie you see exactly why her waist looks tiny in comparison to all of those layers…there are a gazillion layers. The focus of the movie definitely was not just on Cinderella’s physical beauty, but on the fact that she was ‘kind and brave’.  I do not know how the actress, Lily James, even walked around in all those layers. She was the perfect Cinderella!

One of the BIG things that I loved about the movie was that Cinderella is extremely family friendly and there wasn’t a single parenting moment where I squirmed in my seat because of inappropriate humor or something that I wished they had left out. Be prepared… there was a teary eyed moment right off the bat that lead my daughter to grab my hand, but it wouldn’t be a Disney movie without tugging a little at the heartstrings and of course there is a happy ending.

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Are You A Disney Princess Fan Too?

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Hope your family enjoys the movie as much as we did!

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