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Star Wars Deals: New Star Wars Personalized Books for Kids at Mabel’s Labels

Star Wars Personalized Book

Being kids of the 80’s, my husband and I grew-up with the original Star Wars and so we definitely have a tad bit of a soft spot for Star Wars. Just this past week we were out of town and on our trip we visited the local zoo and the day we visited they just happened to be having a Halloween event. As part of the event there were several Star Wars characters who were roaming the zoo and interacting with all of the kids. It was awesome not only because the characters were so engaging, but these people were not wearing costumes that you buy in the Halloween section of your local Wal-Mart or Target. These were folks who were serious about their craft and they looked like they just stepped off the movie set with their detailed costumes, special effect sounds, authentic looking props. Of course  our 8 year old gal thought the characters were very cool and my husband got to share who everyone was, etc, but what tickled me the most was getting to see a glimpse of  probably what my husband was like as a kid… he would never admit it, but I think he was almost as excited to see the characters as she was!! 

This Holiday Season Treat Your Little Star Wars Fan To A Personalized Star Wars Adventure…


With everyone so excited about the new Star Wars movie coming out there is definitely a Star Wars fever spreading to fans both young and old. This holiday season, treat the little Star Wars fan in your life to a unique adventure with a new personalized Star Wars book for kids! In the Mabel’s Labels Personalized Book: My Adventures with Star Wars, Princess Leia is being held hostage by Darth Vader and the Imperial Forces. The star of the book helps Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3PO rescue the beautiful princess and help the Rebel Alliance restore freedom and justice to the Galaxy.

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