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PPP Picks: Our Favorite Holiday Movies For Kids’ Round-Up

Simple Holiday Memories…

This is such a busy time of year. There’s so much stuff being crammed in before the end of the year with school, a variety of places to go, parties to attend, gifts to buy and running here and there. Sometimes you just have to take a moment and step back, take a deep breath and find time to bask in the simple things.

Some of our favorite things to do around this time of year are very simple things. We like looking at holiday lights, making cookies, decorating a gingerbread house, baking cookies and watching Christmas movies.

School is almost out for break and it’s getting colder, so we are definitely spending several nights all cozy with hot cocoa, popcorn and good movies.

What We’ll Be Watching…

Here’s a look at some of the movies we’ll be be watching this Christmas season:

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (5+): We have a thing for Barbie movies at our house. Sometimes I think my gal has liked Barbie movies more than she has dolls! She has a cute set of dolls on a little singing stage that we got when this movie was first released a few years back and it’s still on our Christmas movie rotation. The movie features Barbie and her sisters and without spoiling too much…how they discover Christmas is more than gifts and a trip to see family.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (3+ ): One that pretty much everyone has seen at least a time of two growing-up. The music, when Linus explains the meaning of Christmas, Charlie’s little tree. Our family makes this movie a cannot be missed movie every year.

Elf (7+): Like most grown-ups, I think Will Ferrell is pretty darn funny. His humor is usually way too grown-up and racy for kiddos, but not the case for Elf. Love, love, love his character Buddy is and walking down the mall the other day I passed Santa and is elves reporting for duty and thought to myself, ‘OMG it’s Santa!’

Elf on the Shelf (4+): We’ve had an Elf on the Shelf that’s been visiting our home for about 6-7 years now. So, in honor of Hermie, our elf, we watch the Elf on the Shelf movie every year.

Frosty the Snowman (3+): Definitely one of my favorites from my childhood, so it’s probably forced on my kiddo each year. It’s hard to not love Frosty and the song and it’s a short and sweet movie, so if you are making it a holiday movie marathon ‘Frosty the Snowman’ has to be on the list.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (7+): So, technically this isn’t a holiday movie, but we love Harry Potter books and movies at our house. And, while it’s not technically a holiday movie, Harry does have his very first real Christmas gifts and for us, this is just a movie we will pop in hanging around the house on a cold, dreary weekend.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (4+): It’s the cartoon classic all the way for us on this one. Nothing against the live-action version, we just like the original with the narration and the songs. Sometimes the movies I watched as a child do not always translate well to my gal, but this is definitely one that has withstood time. The message of their being more to Christmas than just the gifts is one that kids from 4 to 94 can definitely enjoy.

Jingle All the Way (3+): Even at almost 10, my daughter still loves the adorable Husky pup, Jingle. This one and the second movie, ‘Jingle and Bell’s Christmas Star’ are both must see movies each holiday season.

The Polar Express (6+): Based on the book ‘Polar Express’ the movie follows a young boy, who isn’t sure he believes in Santa, on a magical journey to the North Pole… sort of screams holiday movie huh?? This is one that they have even watched at our gal’s school during class holiday parties.

Prep & Landing Totally Tinsel Collection includes ‘Prep & Landing’ and ‘Prep & Landing Naughty & Nice”(5+): Elves getting ready for Santa’s arrival… what could possibly go wrong. We like the both the original and the follow-up movie and it’s a must see fornus each year.

Olive the Other Reindeer (5+):  Based on the ‘Olive the Other Reindeer’ book, by Vivian Walsh. It’s a super cute tale of Olive, a dog, who mistakenly starts to think she is a reindeer after she mishears the lyrics to ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.’ Definitely a cute story with a sweet main character.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (3+): Plain and simple, it’s a classic. It’s one of those timeless movies that generation after generation has watched. Overall we really like Rudolph and even went through a period when our kiddo was about 3 that she was obsessed with all things Rudolph. So, it’s a definite can’t miss for us annually. On a side note though…Is it just me or does anyone else think Santa is kind of a meanie with a capital ‘M’ in this movie? Santa is so mean to Rudolph until he needs him. As a kid I didn’t think twice about Santa and how he treated our hooved hero, but after I watched as a grown-up and momma, I definitely saw this movie with a different perspective!!

Santa Buddies (5+): My gal likes all the Buddies movies and so this one is just a natural for anyone who likes dogs. It’s got action and adventure and a positive message.

Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town (5+): Another one that has been watched by generations and is truly a classic. Seeing Santa young, seeing where is suit comes from, why he slides down the chimney…a fun story to watch as a family!

Yes, Virginia (4+): I grew-up loving the story of Virginia. I picked-up a copy of the book back about 5 years ago to share it with my daughter. The book was based off of this newer version of the story and has the same images. I think it’s very similar to ‘The Polar Express’ in that it empowers older kids to believe.

What’s Your Favorite? 

I think this year we’ll be able to add a few more classics like ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’s and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’… our gal is getting more and more into classic movies as she grows up on us (sniff)!!

Do you have a favorite kid-friendly holiday movie that your family enjoys? Leave a comment & let us know your faves!!

We used Common Sense Media as a guide for determining the suggested age ranges for these movies. There are some movies that I know we have seen before the ages and some that we will wait until past the age. You know your kiddo better than anyone else…so go with your gut and best judgement!