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PPP Picks: A 10 Year Olds Top 10 Picks…Coming Soon


10 is AWESOME!

Our kiddo is 10 and of course I am biased, but I think she’s a pretty fantastic kid! She’s currently a 5th grader and is quick as a wit, extremely kind and just a really pleasant little soul to be around. Of course she has her moments like every kiddo, but I honestly do not think I could be more proud of the person she is growing to be.

Since life is so busy these days and I am a t.i.r.e.d. momma…sometimes it’s hard to be inspired and motivated when it comes to consistently blogging. I determined I needed something to help me focus, give me some inspiration and most importantly be fun, useful or interesting for you all as readers.

Often times when we are looking for inspiration, we look to what we are surrounded by or are familiar with. For me, that’s my husband and daughter. They are my daily inspiration and I thought it might be fun to turn that into blogging inspiration.

Sharing My Inspiration With You

Since my kiddo is so creative I find she often inspires me. She inspires me to think outside the box, push myself to try new things and sometimes, well actually quite often, she opens my mind to think about life a little differently than I have before. I thought it might be fun to turn her opinions and favorite things into inspiration for you!

This age is giving some of the previous ones a run for their money! Ten year old kiddos are just so much fun to listen to and talk with! They are starting to have their own very definite opinions and ideas, but still occasionally need a hug from momma on a really bad day. And of course, 10 these days is nothing like 10 when I was growing up! Technology alone makes this generation leaps and bounds above mine when it comes to being able to do things like express creativity. Take for instance my gal and her little squad of gal pals, they are just so creative. Currently my kiddo and about 4 other little gals are writing a book on Google Docs. They log on daily, contribute, chat about ideas and brainstorm. Since online time is monitored at our house, I know for a fact that these little gals are about a billion times more creative and driven than I ever was at 10!

What You Will See…

So, here and there between deals and bargains I am going to share some “A 10 Year Old’s Top 10 Picks” lists, You will find everything from series of books she loves, to fashion and school must haves… even some toys and holiday gift ideas. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am going to enjoy working with my gal and some of her schoolmates and putting them together!