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Kids’ Music Deals: Ukulele Deals At Amazon…A Great Intro To Music Instrument!

Music is What Feelings Sound Like…

That is a quote that is on the outside of the music room at my daughter’s school. I think it is spot on for how our family feels about music. We are a music loving family. Both my husband and I played an instrument in school and our 10 year old plays piano and ukulele. I think her goal is to learn every instrument! She wants to play electric guitar, cello, harp, percussion, and violin!

Now on to the deals…

Needless to say, I always have my eyes peeled for sales on musical instruments. This morning I noticed that Amazon has a whole lot of ukuleles currently as part of their ‘Daily Deals’ section and I wanted to pass along some of what is on sale.

I do not see an end date on these deals, so I would treat them as a ‘today only’ deal and shop sooner, rather than later!

Image from Disney's 'Lilo and Stitch'

Great Intro To Music Instrument…for the Whole Family!

The ukulele is a great little instrument for kids to learn because of it’s small size and kids really seem to love the sound. It doesn’t require a huge upfront investment and is extremely portable. PLUS…it’s kinda hard to listen to ukulele music and not be in a good mood!!

I know in our area there are several places that offer free ukulele lessons from time to time. Guitar Center is one locally & the music school where my daughter attends also offers a free monthly class. It never hurts to look and try a couple of free classes to see if it’s something your child might like. Most of the time the businesses offering these classes will even lend you a uke…smart thing to do because my kiddo fell in love with a better quality uke than she had and we purchased one at our first lesson.

And in case you are interested…

This is the case and ukulele our kiddo has.

She loves the sound of her little Kala Dolphin Series Soprano Ukulele.

It did come with a little dust cover, but she needed a better bag to tote it around, so I stuck with the whole dolphin/ocean theme for our future Marine Biologist and picked out this super cute mermaid case…

MUSIC FIRST Ocean Blue “Little Mermaid” Ukulele Bag

The case is very pretty in person and the quality is much better than I had expected. It’s padded, has a handle and backpack straps and even a little pocket for picks & other items.