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Kids’ Apps: Popular Animal Band App Gets Fun New Update

Popular Animal Band App Gets an Update

The ever popular Animal Band app by Story Toys has just been updated and now brings even more music fun to young children. In case you aren’t familiar with Animal Band, it’s a fun and easy music app that encourages young children to explore music while listening to their favorite tunes. They’ll love creating their own musical arrangements: tapping and swiping on characters to make them play instruments, spin around, or go to sleep. Animal Band is designed for preschoolers and music lovers of all ages!


What’s New?

This new update includes new (and popular) songs such as; “I’m a Little Teapot” and “Happy and You Know It”. Little fingers will also love discovering new musically themed interactions as they explore the world of Animal Band. There are also some seasonal surprises lined up for the coming months with additional songs and festive cheers… so, stay tuned for more fun!


Where You Can Find It?

The updated version is live on the App Store  and Google Play.

Check Out the Video Trailer…



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