PPP Stuff: New Homeschooling Tips, Pick & Tricks Feature

We’re Homeschooling This Year! We are homeschooling this year! This is not our first time homeschooling, but we are going about things in a whole new way… especially since our kiddo is coming from a huge public school setting. We have been in school for a few weeks and are just itching to share our […]

Kids End Of The Year Gift Ideas: Bubbles + Homemade Bubble Wands (Free Printable Tags Too!)

Can you believe the school year is over? It’s that time of year when school is coming to an end, as well as lots of lessons, team sports and clubs are also wrapping-up for Summer break. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown. The past year has thrown our family one challenge after another, […]

PPP Pick: Printable Kindergarten Sight Word Flash Cards

Hi there readers! Long time no posting huh?!? Seems like there just isn’t any time these days and days just pass by so, so fast. You know how it is… one minute you have a newborn and then you blink and you have a Kindergartner! Where does the time seriously go? Free Kindergarten Sight Word […]

Penny Pinching Parent Terms of Use For Downloads, Links and Files

Penny Pinching Parent Terms of Use For Downloads, Links and Files Copyright © 2013 Penny Pinching Parent All downloads on www.pennypinchingparent.com/www.pennypinchingparent.net and its contents are copyright of Penny Pinching Parent © 2011. All rights reserved. Personal Use Only: Penny Pinching Parent’s (also referred to as PPP) site downloads/links/files are provided to you for your own […]